Waller Flowerseed Company and Lionel Waller

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Lionel John Waller, President of  Waller Flowerseed Company, 1947-1982. b1918 d1982 My Father, in field on Obispo Street in Guadalupe CA.




Either push cultivators or wheeled seeders, I cannot tell which. The auto could be a 1932 Ford?

  Caption reads, a field of  our famous strain of gypsophilia Paris  (Marrer)?  This is our Oceano field at foot of Mesa.

  These appear to be delphiniums, Oceano field.
  Old Routzhan home, on our ranch #10 on Huasna Road. This house was built, I think, by Spencer Records in about 1882. We lived in this house 1960-1963 while our new home was being constructed. This house was torn down in 1972, the redwood boards that it was built with were given to John Loomis of Tar Springs  Ranch. It is my understanding that the saloon at  the ranch was built with this wood. We currently live in a house on this site.
  Tractor and pull grader.

Water wagon at Oceano

Unknown woman in Delphiniums at Oceano, note the bell bottoms!

Dr Franklin and Mr. Waller at company party.

Company staff, early 1930's, Mr. Waller and Dr. Franklin seat 1st row to the left, believe the young woman on the end is a Ferini.

75th anniversary planting, this is about 5 acres of flowers, designed by Christopher Waller.

The second Christopher Waller, my son, named for his uncle.

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