I found his hand written diary in a box of "stuff" he carried this notebook throughout his military service. 

1942. October 27,

Left City Hall with 87 other draftees – section leader of my bus.

28th, arrived San Francisco, physical exam passed. Sworn into U.S. Army RC?

2:00PM 14 day furlough – home.

Armistice Day November 11th

9:16 left Santa Maria arrived Monterey 5:30, quartered group 928 Co. B.

November 12th, up at 4:30 – two shots, uniforms, mental and mechanical aptitude tests.

13th interviews, hair cut.

14th passed 1st inspection

15th Sunday, gold bricked received shipping orders.

16th Shipped by bus to Camp Roberts – 50 miles from home. Infantry regiment – Co A. 81st battalion. Good Camp.

17th Interviewed again, learned I am eligible for Officer Candidate School [110] ? I 9 or better [?]

18th transferred to 87th infantry training battalion 18th regiment communications company – received more equipment, helmets, rubbers [boots?]

22nd K.P. 1st time, Sunday.

23rd Started training this week, lecture on gas [poison gas] – infantry basic drill, courtesy guard duty and army rifle manual of arms.

26th Thanksgiving, Swell meal – day off so rested, killed time, [went to a] show.

28th Saturday K.P.


10th 1st Payday $33.33

24th Finished rifle range 145 out of 200 – Marksman, also got a 54 hour pass for Christmas, home two days.


Message Center classes


Center Procedure



Shot BAR 170 out of 200, expert rating

Garand, 30 out of 40

Home often now.


Applied OCS, Passed C.O. and Reg Board

15th Passed IRTC [Infantry Replacement Training Center]

19th Finished training


6th Moved to O.C.P.S for prep for Germany.


6th Finished O.C.P.S




12th Pass home four days.

13th left Camp Roberts for Fort Benning Georgia. 9 hours LA to El Paso, 9 hours to New Orleans. Ate at Court of Two Sisters in French Quarter, [visited] Cathedral of Saint Peters

19th Arrived at Casual [barracks] Fort Benning, Harmony Church Area.

25th Moved to 2nd Co 3rd STR

28th [undecipherable] caught up in 3rd Co.

May 1943

Fired M1 76 out of 90, 43 out of 45 prone 500 yards.

Light Machine Gun 206 out of 256, [I was] 1st gunner

Heavy Machine Gun 158 out of 190

Fired M1 168 out of 200, sharp shooter

Heavy Machine Gun 220 out of 256

Heavy Machine Gun 178 out of 200, 1st gunner.

Start Course over


1st Math week [?] in 3rd CO 2nd STR

July August

OCS, [he did not become an officer, the family story is that he stood in class to argue with an instructor and they tossed him out, his mother was highly annoyed.]

August 28th Transferred to 12th Co. 3rd battalion 4th regiment A.S.T.P

Fort Benning, Harmony Church Area, Instructor Cadre, no trainees, we take basic training mornings, Details afternoon.

Furlough due 13th of September 1943.


14th Furlough 16 days. Left Columbus by Bus to New Orleans, arrived 11:00 AM Spent day seeing town. Train for LA left 11:00 at night via SP. Mother met me at train 7:30 Friday Morning. Saw June [sister] Drove to Santa Barbara. Stayed overnight. Drove to home Saturday, did as I pleased for 7 days. Then left Friday for Los Angeles, saw play; Arsenic and Old Lace with Bela Lugosi. Met Harry and Winifred Westmoreland, also Harry’s parents and sister.

Saturday morning train for New Orleans.

Arrived New Orleans 9:30 Monday night, stayed at the Roosevelt.

Tuesday morning trained for Columbus via Montgomery took Opelika bus to Columbus. Stayed overnight in Columbus, reported

29th Wednesday morning.

Company moved areas, to my old O.C. Company.


12th Worked like Hell, 1st trainees arrived

13th worked them all day, 14 more due at 1:00 AM, 15 trainees arrive AM assigned to 3rd Platoon, Sgt Evans, myself, Corporal Kateus hos [?] Lieutenant Berg, platoon leader from Pasadena. 24 training starts – 18 year old headaches.

26th Heard from Mary Margaret today, odd, had not heard from her in two years, now shows interest, will answer.


11th – 24th Bivouac in Caramouche tent camp Saturday, Swell meal, Tom and Jerry egg nog in mess hall,

Christmas Eve, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, off

January, 1944

16th 20 miles

20th Made Sergeant, to be in 1st Platoon

21st 4 miles 180 cadence

22th Finished 1st cycle.


1st Became platoon Sergeant of Cadre School for 4 weeks.


Fired Sharpshooter M1 170, Marksman Carbine 154, Heavy machine gun 241 out of 256 possible, ASTP-BTC Expert


1st to 8th, Moved to casual pool to await shipment.

25th 1944 [I] am slated to ship to Camp Mckain [sic] Mississippi.

May 1944

9th Arrived Camp McCain Miss. 300th infantry. [It is a] Hellhole, basic camp only, assigned Co I.

July 1944

3rd Went on 21 day furlough

25th, Back in camp, training again while awaiting shipping orders.


22nd Shipped to Fort Mead Maryland. Saw Washington and Baltimore several times.


12th, Camp Shanko New York.


September 1944,

20th Sailed [from] New York aboard Queen Mary. Winston Churchill aboard.

24th, Evening, arrived “Greenock” am, Firth of Clyde, Scotland.

26th. Arrived Worminster Barracks, Worminster England, 80 miles from Southhampton.


6th Left Southhampton to France via HMS Victoria.

10th D + 129 landed from LCT at Omaha Beach

14th Truck to Carenton. 40&8 [Americans were transported to the battle front on French trains within boxcars stenciled with a “40/8”, denoting its capacity to hold either forty men or eight horses. ] to Le Mans rep [replacement] Depot, saw St. Lo remains.

19th 40&8 train to Neuf Chateau, via Paris and Chartres, pass to town ….. beer

24th Truck to Toul Replacement Depot.


11th Ordered to 80th Division, 317th infantry, 3rd Army (Patton’s)

13th arrived A Co, 2nd platoon, 3rd squad leader. Men; Graves Waterman, Patuvina, Maskarivic, Warner, Hennigh, Green at hospital, (Janesic awol!)

14th Town of (Manies)? Maymy [?] Frontline

16th to Hospital for operation. Nancy and Paris 2 days. [Then] to Le Mans, 101,

28th 217th, 170th

December 1944

1st Still at Le Mans

18, Left 170th for duty. Spend night at Paris Casual Barracks. Missed train next day and spent 24 more hours in Paris. Subway [was] free (Metro). Visited Red Cross Rainbow Corner [bar] and PX. Had first Coke in E.T.O. [European Theater of Operations] at Red Cross Rainbow Corner (Hotel De Paris) saw movie in theater (soft seats) plenty of beer and cognac. Bought sheath knife and pocket knife. Spent day over bars, coffee, shops and walking. Only place to eat at Hotel De Paris but needed pass to eat there, I did not have one.

Wore combat clothes, mud, helmet, and pretty rough looking character, probably smelled also.

20th arrived 9th Depot for classification (Chartres)

23rd Trucke to 19th Depot 1st freeze of year (Fontainebleau)

25th Christmas is well spent letter writing and Turkey, damned good.

28th left by truck and box car to 17th Depot at Thionville. Spent two nights in a boxcar, snow, kept warm over helmet with fire in it. Early last night Jerrry came over [German air attack] Also as we unloaded, two ME 109’s skittered about driven off by AA.

30th Arrived 17th Depot, that night, “Bed Check Charlie” [German aerial night raids] dropped by twice.

January 1945

1st Thionville – Turkey

4th Hospital, operation at 106th Evac hospital – 9 days, to 6th Convalescent Center.

Reclassified on

20th to 17th Depot Conflans [-en-Jarnisy]

22nd accepted Cadre job as Depot Non Com as limited assignment Class III physical shape.


27th Still at Conflans en Jarnisy between Verdun and Metz.


12th Entrained for new location at Mainz, Germany, 40&8. Rode open gondola, 4 days 150 miles.

28th Truck to Nuremburg near stadium (4) Had bicycle, hijacked it from Kraut [!]


15th Truck to assembly area at Camp “Cleveland” near Rheims [Reims, France]


2nd Pass to Paris, 4 meals, 1240 francs, whew. Awaiting RD to CBI (China Burma India theater?) direct. Rumors thick, States? No dice.


10th First sailing date to CBI cancelled.


War over in Japan

VJ day September 2

Ordered to CBI via States to sail September 25.

September 11th moved to Fontainbleau in 464 Co 78 Bn 18th RD APO 875 lived in Princy Courtyard.

24th 18th Depot breaks up70 to States, 60-70 close out to 2nd Depot. I lose two points and go to German occupation. Gain point back while on train, should be in closeout force

27th Arrive Schwabach 10 miles east [actually, south] of Nuremburg by way of truck to Paris. Coach to Nancy, Mainz, Bamberg 9234 Co 90Bn 17th RD)

October 1945

4th Truck to Rosenheim. Stopped for coffee and donuts at Munich Red Cross.

6th Points corrected now awaiting further shipment at 318 Co 48 Bn 17th RD APO 873. 15 miles from Austria, guarding PW’s [Prisoners of War] in day time, Krauts, Hungarians, two today 15 years old.

November 1945

8th 3 Day pass to Konigsee Rest Camp, near Berchtesgaden (Eagles Nest) Seen from hotel entrance, Rowing, Cruise around lake on electric launch, clean sheets, good food and movie. Saw some Chamois Goats, first snow

December 1945

25th Christmas in Rosenheim

29th To leave for home and discharge, Bamberg first. Left Rosenheim 9:00 AM arrived Bamberg 3:30 PM for processing.

January 1946

5th Saturday left Bamberg 11:30 AM, steam heated coaches for Le Havre Arrived

7th Monday 1946

13th Sunday, left Camp Herbert Tareyton [a ‘cigarette camp’] Le Havre 1:00PM

3:30 PM boarded Lewiston Victory.

14th Monday 7:00 AM sailed from Le Havre

15th Tuesday (storm) Engine broke down

16th Motor fixed

17th Stormy as hell 48 degree list (designed for only 50 degrees)

23rd Wednesday, arrived Nantucket 10:45, Ambrose Light Ship at 2100, New York 2300 anchored

24th Thursday 1100 debarked [took] train and ferry to Camp Kilmer N. J. staged to fly home

28th Flew to Long Beach, C54 one stop Dallas 12 hours [flying time] 15 total

Fort MacArthur

29th Called home

Feb 1st Discharged – arrived Biltmore [Santa Barbara hotel] Mother met, drove home 2300, 35 day trip