I am  spending money to create this trail, I need to pay for gas, food, hay printer ink etc. Not a great deal, but as a retired person, my budget is limited. I have placed a donation button here, if  you would like to help defray some of the costs, that would be great. We will need more money at some point for signage, gates, and other things, not really known at the moment. Any money donated will go to help make this trail a reality.

Thanks, Richard Waller

The SLOCREST Trail Committee is working to create a multipurpose trail which when finished will run from Morro Bay to the Carrizo Plains. Most of the trail has been laid out, there will be some new trail construction and or easements across private land. The easements are the greatest potential sticking point.

I have indicated trail heads  on the trail and on the laterals with a red star, and water sources with a blue circle. Water is a serious concern over much of the trail, carry plenty, and if on horseback, plan carefully. Spur trails are in yellow, and proposed ne construction is in dotted red.

Here is the overview of the trail route.


Morro Bay to Cerro Alto

West Cuesta Ridge to Lopez Wilderness
101 crossing Mt Lowe to Hi Mountain
Hi Mountain to Caldwell Mesa
Caldwell Mesa to Los Machos Hills
Los Machos Hills to Forest Boundary
Forest Boundary to Selby Camp


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