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Note on the name
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The Old Spanish Trail Main Route  as it is known is neither old nor Spanish nor a trail.  It was first traveled and explored by a group of Americans, under the leadership of William Wolfskill in the fall of 1830.  With him on this passage was George C Yount, the northern California town of Yountville was named for him. On this trek too was Francis Ziba Branch. of note to those of us on the Central Coast, Branch settled along the Arroyo Grande Creek and was granted the Santa Manuela Rancho land grant. A curious twist of history, the founder of Arroyo Grande helped pioneer the Old Spanish Trail. Their interest was in  trapping beaver in Califorinia's Sierra Nevada and in gathering horses to take back to Santa Fe.  Wolfskill, Branch and Yount stayed in CA, tried their hand at hunting otters, but, that did not pay off.

The trail was named the Old Spanish trail by Captain John C. Fremont, who, as with so many things got it wrong.

Rather than upset the whole applecart by trying to retitle a trail that has been known by Old Spanish Trail since Fremont wandered through.  I think we can justify calling it simply, The Spanish Trail. That is a little easier to roll off the tongue.

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