Monitor Range Trip June 2001 and Martis Fire

Cammie and Rachel on Table Mountain

Tablemountain plateau, Elevation 10,500 feet with young girls and their dogs happy in the wild land.

Table Mountain looking south. In the far distance lies Death Valley

Elk in the distance, the two small dots, just try to get closer!


Cammie and Clover looking East out to the "Fandango Country" There is a high likelihood that there are less than 20 people in all that far distance.


Tablemountain looking Northeast, across miles of nothing, somewhere out there are ancient wickiup frames and Will James horse rustling corrals.

Tablemountain looking west to Mt. Jefferson, at 11,000 feet are the remains of the highest Indian village ever found in America. The girls are all grown up now, and growing up in wild country has made them beautiful women.

Elk in the Distance, as close as we could get.

Monitor Valley and Mt. Jefferson in the Toquima Range

Camp on Mosquito Creek

Rachel, Annapurna and the llamas

More llamas

Mosquito Creek




Grazing llamas




Dogs and camp.

We came home to the Martis Fire

I 80 was closed we had to take a back dirt road. Our valley with the fire beyond.


Our Valley and the fire


Fire from Verdi Peak






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