The BCHC helped a local Eagle Scout candidate to accomplish his  Community Service Project, which was to replace the old destroyed trail signs in the Machesna Wilderness. It took 27 head of stock and 17 people to take 9 27 lbs signs, 9 7 foot steel posts, 9 60lbs sacks of concrete plus shovels, rock bars, posthole diggers, wrenches, and camping gear for the scouts who were staying in the wilderness that night.

The Boy Scouts.

Heading out with some of the mules.

We reached the meadow after a nearly 3,000 foot climb.

You can see the size of the new trail signs.

Cleis coming across the dam.

Dennis coming across the dam, notice the posts and tools.

I like the reflection of the mules in the water.

This is 32 lbs of solid steel, lets see the bears trash this guy! A plasma cutter does a heck of a job.

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