The Coast Range Trail 

This is, quite the long range project, but, why not?

A trail from the Pacific Crest Trail in the south to the Pacific Crest Trail in the north, following the ridges and valleys of California's Coast Ranges.

Take a few minutes and look at the maps.

Pretty cool, eh?

This could be done as an alternative to the Pacific Crest Trail

And, think of this, combining the trails makes for the

California Rim Trail

A circumnavigation of the Great Central Valley of California

Start of Coast Range Trail
PCT to Pine Ridge through the Sespe and Dick Smith Wildernesses
Pine Ridge to Highway 166 through the San Rafael Wilderness.
Highway 166 to Cerro Alto east of Morro Bay through the Garcia and Santa Lucia Wildernesses
Cerro Alto to East of Gorda
East of Gorda to Mt. Carmel
Mt. Carmel to Pajaro
Pajaro to Portola Valley

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