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Looking out over the Huasna Valley from the east ridge.

Huasna Valley again.

We ran into a group of young girls who had been playing with their horses in the deep holes of the River

Notice the wet jeans on the forefront girl, they found a good deep hole in the river!

So we went down to the river, a bit less playful, being adults and all that.

On Sunday, Everette, Ellie, Kathleen and I rode up into the hills on the east side of the ranch.

View to the Northwest, toward Arroyo Grande and Lopez Canyon

There appears to be a small cabin in the woods below us.

There is a concrete driveway leading to a large house on the Huasna Ranch, far from any other residence. The landscape is a mix of private ranch land and National Forest Land.

View to the Southwest toward Santa Maris, Solomon Peak south of Santa Maria was visible, but it is not visible in the photo.

View to the west across Huasna Valley. the grass areas are converted brush lands, a dozer dragging a 200 foot battleship anchor chain with a large ball at the end is used to crush the brush, the crushed brush is usually burned and the area reseeded with grass. We had a top of the world feeling up here. Everette is on his new Arabian mare, Sassy.

View to the Southeast across the Alamo and Cuyama Canyons, across the San Rafael wilderness to Pine mountain, still snowy, in this photo it is just a bare shadow in the distance.

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