The Backcountry Horsemen Spring 2010 CampnRide held on the Porter Ranch, part of the original Huasna Rancho and owned by the same family since 1843, 167 years under the same ownership! As you can see the grasss is deep and green and the river shows no signs of over grazing. The land has been well cared for all these years.

Around 110 of us camped in a narrow canyon and rode out for miles along the ranch roads and trails.

On this bright day, Jeff, Ellie, Bruce, Roma, Everette and I set out to ride the Huasna River and loop back to camp.

This is the Huasna River, free flowing from its source in the Santa Lucia Range to the confluence with the Cuyama River

This is a view up canyon to the north. The original land grand stretched from south of here all the way to the far mountains.

Looking south toward the Cuyama River.

Note the ancient barn.

This is Ellie's eat your heart out Erin picture

This all could easily have been 200 years ago, we were travelers through a landscape frozen in time.

The far off ranch headquarters of the North Porter Ranch lie in the distant left.

Don't Fence me in,

Looking off to the Southwest.

Here there be Elves.
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