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These are historical photos of the Sisquoc, Sespe, and Cuyama Country. They are copies from a book on the history of Cuyama Valley, by Robert Allbright. I have taken the liberty of posting them here as they deserve preservation and availablity to a wide audience.

The Sisquoc Rangers were a group of Venturan County men who spent time camping and hunting in the mountains of the county at the turn of the century. Ozena Ranger Station and mule team
Early Rangers in what became the Lost Padres National Forest Branch Canyon is South of Cuyama
This was in 1914 I recollect, notice the timbers are dragged by the mule. Hard on the mule around corners I reckon The house that mules built, all the wood carried in by pack mules.
Walter Puhn District Ranger 1939  




Fire Camp 1922
Fire Camp 1922
Matilija Fire, 1932


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