The Coast Range Dual Sport Motorcycle Trail.
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300 miles of mixed pavement and dirt between Hollister and Ojai
The trail
uses a mixture of motorcycle trails, dirt roads, and paved roads. Much of it parallels the San Andreas Fault.
Gas availability is something to keep in mind.
The trail is going to take a few days, you could camp along the way, or stay in lodging. The coolest place to stay is Parkfield,
"The EarthQuake Capitol of California" 
There is a very nice inn and a great restaurant with tri tip worth traveling for.
The trail travels through a nearly unknown but very scenic part of California.
The best way to view the maps is to copy them to your desk top, and open them with your photo viewing program. YOu can also easily print them at full page size.

For the ride itself I would also supplement with Los Padres Forest maps for the southern section and AAA maps, or other detailed maps from Carrizo Plains north.

The usual WARNING  These maps and this route should only be used by competent riders who find adventure in adversity, and solace in lonely places. You need to monitor your fuel usage carefully as gas stations are few and far between on this route.
The trail should take 3 to 4 days, take your time,  camping or lodging in the few inns and motels along the way will make it a fun few days. Having a sag truck meeting you at specified locations will allow you to travel un laden with camping gear.

The Cerro Noroeste road is a great twisty motorcycle road.

You leave the Los Padres National Forest and enter the Carrizo Plains National Monument. Roll on across 166 and head for the Carrizo Plains, but first, important, check your fuel. You undoubtedly need fuel, you have two choices, take them, the next fuel is at least 100 miles up the trail.
Either east to Maricopa 10 miles, with fuel, food and a motel. Or, west to Cuyama 15 miles, and the great burger barn, but, sometimes the gas station is not open.

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