Arc Dome Pack Trip


A few of our photos from our summer trip into Arc Dome Wilderness in the heart of Nevada. Notice the lushness of the land, not like most folks image of Nevada. This is just one of the reasons we love to Hike Nevada. Our trip took us along the South Twin River  to the summit ridges of 11775ft. Arc Dome in Central Nevada. There are about 20 stream crossings of the rushing South Twin, along a lush riparian jungle. The uplands were acres of wildflowers with uncountable butterflies. Truly a trip to paradise. During our 5 days we saw no one except ourselves, another delight of the Nevada wilderness.

Milo, smiling after hiking the gorge

Petey, Sierra the wonder dog, and Richard "lost" in the Nevada Jungle

Milo, happily eating the Nevada Jungle

Our voyagers along the canyon trail

Milo, Kingston and Que Si, grazing in the lush meadow at 8,000ft at the end of the day

Along the South Twin River, Que Si decides to rest, we wait patiently

Petey loves to pose


Laurie, Richard, Clover the dog, Milo and Petey the llamas.

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